Auto Insurance in Florida

Auto insurance in Florida is, like auto insurance throughout the country, a difficult beast to manage. On the one hand, it seems that all insurance providers are just as difficult to deal with and disinclined to work with their customers in a positive way. On the other hand, this might just be because people don’t do enough research or consideration prior to signing with a particular firm. Here, we’ll talk about how to find a firm that seems good for you, keep your rates low, and find gems of providers you might never otherwise have heard of.

Starting the FL Auto Policy Search

The best way to kick off your search for auto insurance in Florida is, as you probably know, a Google search. Running a simple search will bring up a host of results and information on the prices that different providers charge different classes of people with different sorts of vehicles. These are, of course, only estimates, but you can contact the firms that return the most promising rates for a more accurate quote, which will either be a little more or a little less than the quoted price.

Playing Sherlock

Once you’ve got a list of potential firms to consider, you’ll want to do a little more research to further narrow down the list. We recommend talking to the provider directly about their different plans they offer, their long-term tendencies (i.e. if they offer incentives for good driving over the years or not, etc.), and the customer services they offer. Once you’ve got an idea in this regard, talk to current customers if you can; this is often the best resource, as you’ll hear right from those who are most likely to be the most opinionated whether or not this provider is worth your time and money.

Keeping Your Auto insurance in FL Rates Low

So, you’ve finally settled on an insurance provider – congratulations! This means you can legally roam the streets and enjoy your new, quality auto insurance in Florida. But once you’ve got it, the process isn’t totally over; you still need to make sure to lock in the prices that you’re paying. While it’s impossible to solidify this or that price, you can definitely do a lot to keep your rates where they are, or at least ensure they don’t rise more than they need to.

The most important thing is to keep from getting a license suspension or any other sort of driving infractions. The moment you do, your provider is likely to jack up your rates by a huge margin – sometimes as high as 25% of your current payment just to start – and they won’t reduce it for quite awhile. Be sure to keep from receiving lesser punishments such as speeding tickets in different states, as receiving such a ticket out of state counts for more than receiving it in-state; and never loan your car to someone liable to misuse it, as, if they get caught, it’s you who will pay radically more on your next insurance premium.