There are very few words that can adequately describe the breathtaking beauty of a New England fall

The closest we can think of are “STOWE VERMONT”

With its overabundance of maple and birch trees mixed with just the right amount of evergreens, oaks, willows and other less commonly known species, and a beautiful blue sky as a background, the Stowe area, in collaboration with mother nature, provides the world with a display of fall colors that are second to none.

Sometime around mid to late September, “nature’s great masterpiece” begins as the trees begin to turn their leaves to the various shades of red, orange, yellow and brown. For the next few weeks artists, photographers, and thousands of tourists all come to Stowe in the hope that they will have picked the perfect time to witness the completion of this great wonder.


The Stowe area responds by hosting a number of special events during this period such as:

  • The Fall Foliage Craft Fair
  • The British Invasion
  • Oktoberfest
  • Some Fall Foliage Golf Tournaments at the Stowe Country Club

Of course, this is also the ideal time to just get into your car and take advantage of some of the driving tours contained in our local “Roads & Tours” brochure. This guide contains a number of tours which have been mapped out by the Stowe Area Association to provide you with all of the information necessary to see as much of our area as possible during your stay. For those of you that are coming to relax, try just sitting by a mountain stream and absorbing some magnificent scenery.