Winter Week Timeshare owners future Holiday Week Availability


  • Date: April 4, 2007
  • To: Type 1,4&5 Winter Week Timeshare Owners
  • From: Village Green Homeowners’ Association Directors

RE: Reservations for Christmas & February Vacation weeks

As of December 31, 2008, type #4 (Preferred December) and type #5 (Preferred February) ownership will no longer exist and the current owners of these weeks will automatically become type #1 (Regular Winter) owners. As a result, beginning in 2009, February Vacation and/or Christmas weeks will be available for any Regular Winter week owner to request.

A number of Regular Winter week owners (Type #1 weeks) have inquired as to how and when they might be able to begin requesting holiday weeks.

In order to give all of our Winter week owners an equal opportunity to take advantage of the availability of these weeks, the Board has adopted some specific rules and regulations pertaining to requests to reserve Christmas or February Vacation weeks.

Requests for the week after Christmas and/or Presidents week will be accepted on a first come, first served basis from any Winter week owner beginning in 2008 (2009 usage).

Holiday weeks cannot be reserved more than one year in advance of the week being requested. For example, a request for a 2009 February Vacation week cannot be made before February, 2008 and a request for a 2009 Christmas week cannot be made before December, 2008.

Requests must be for the owner’s usage only and not for RCI spacebanking. If you will be spacebanking your week, you must request a week other than a holiday week for this purpose.

In accordance with the existing rules and regulations for requesting all timeshare weeks, a request for any holiday week must be submitted in writing (e-mails cannot be accepted) and an amount of money sufficient to pay the owner’s maintenance fees up to and including the week being requested must accompany the owner’s request.